Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If You Want Something, You've Gotta Ask For It...

Craig Rowin posted that on YouTube a couple of months ago. Too bad it wasn't your idea.

From HuffPo:

Two months ago, Brooklyn Comedian Craig Rowin made a YouTube video asking for $1 million. Not for any purpose, mind you, he just wanted a million dollars. Rowin now reports, in a new video, that he's found a man willing to pony up the cash to make his dream a reality.
Rowin got a call on his answering machine stating, "Hi Craig, Benjamin, I was hoping to catch you in person. I want to talk about how to make you a millionaire."
The funnyman admits that, at first, he was skeptical, but then he received a notarized letter from Benjamin's lawyer, notifying him that the proposition was legitimate.
"I'm overwhelmed right now," Rowin told the Daily News. "I'm trying to figure all this out right now."
Rowin will receive his check at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater on Feb. 2.


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