Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Can Never Get Enough Larry: "Curb Your Enthusiam" To Return.

From Curb Your Enthusiasm's Facebook page (yup, it has one...):

This just in. Curb's coming back for an 8th season. Statement from Larry David himself: "After much soul searching - and by the way, it was nowhere to be found - I have decided to do another season of Curb. I look forward to the end of shooting, when I can once again resume the hunt for my elusive soul." Kudos to the fans who've stuck with Curb all these years.

This is great news for Larry David fans and much better than the usual Facebook item, which seems to revolve around Mafia Wars and Farmville invitations or your friends telling everyone how busy they are.

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Anonymous said...

Good news.
And very bad news...