Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hannity's America (Without The Fox News Edits.)

I recently mentioned Fox News fuckwad Sean Hannity's denials regarding racist and homophobic slurs during the last weekend of the health care reform debate. His panel--comprised of D-list conservative media rejects with Ann Coulter fetishes--nodded like the bobblehead doggy in the rear window of Rupert's limousine. I imagine Hannity's own nodding noggin at that News Corp meeting when Fox announced they'd be going all-in on Glenn Beck.
An indignant Hannity claimed that he would offer cash for the video.

Here ya go, asshole.

Here is Sean Hannity's e-mail address. Another one is: Remember, Hannity also promised to be waterboarded for charity and wound up lying about that, too, so good luck getting this failed construction worker-turned-TV/radio-shouter-turned-opportunistic-teabagger to come clean on his latest bullying boast. But, please--send him a little reminder...

And, Sean: pay the f#&% up.

BeltwayBlips: vote it up!

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