Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mitt Romney! Come on DOWN!

Maybe the price IS right! 
The former Massachusetts governor--who couldn't decide during his campaign if he was from Michigan, Massachusetts, or Utah (by virtue of religious affiliation, I guess)--has gone on record with FOX News dolt Sean "Hairspray" Hannity as saying he'd be "honored" to be John McCain's pick for VP.
If selected, the post would presumably derail his ultimate goal of subbing for Drew Carey on the Price Is Right.
Romney, like many robotic zombies, has long held a fascination for the ultra-long, super-model-skinny microphones favored by genre icons Gene Rayburn and Bob Barker. 
Romney was reportedly overheard babbling to clueless aides, "My magic underpants get all twisty just thinking about the Prime Time Million Dollar Spectaculars. I'd like to be vice-president, too."


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