Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jailhouse Crock

This is not from the Onion; this is from the Orange County Register:

Festivus may only come around once a year – more often if you watch Seinfeld reruns – but longtime county inmate Malcolm Alarmo King was able to celebrate it three times a day while locked up at the Theo Lacy jail in Orange.
King’s quest for a healthier eating option while behind bars ended with a county lawyer forced to research the origin of Festivus and its traditions and a Superior Court judge recognizing the holiday – which lodged its place in pop culture on an episode of Seinfeld – as a legitimate religion.
The menu selection at Theo Lacy apparently didn’t please King, 38, when he was booked into the jail on drug charges in April...
So King, who is also suspected of being in the country illegally from Liberia, asked for kosher meals.
That was not because of his religion, but because they were healthier – and the 5′8″ 180 lb King wanted double portions to maintain his physique, said his attorney, Fred Thiagarajah.
Judge Derek G. Johnson signed off... .
Judge Johnson pulled King’s lawyer and the prosecutor aside and said he needed a religion to put down on the order to make it stick, explained Thiagarajah.
“I said Festivus,” said Thiagarajah. The order was granted – three non-salami meals a day.
County Counsel researched Festivus, arguing the holiday was the creation of writer Dan O’Keefe to celebrate his first date with his wife in 1966. The holiday was introduced to the world by his son Daniel, a screenwriter for Seinfeld, who wrote it into the show...

Gather 'round the Festivus pole and read more here.


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