Tuesday, November 23, 2010

News Item: Pat Riley Is On The Phone With His Tailor

The Heat is, um, on...

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Anonymous said...

And while everyone is yowling for Riley to come in and coach does anyone remember this is the team the mirror loving self-absorbed greaseball built? The problem isn't the big three its the little everybody else. They don't have NBA starting quality players at either the center or point guard positions and the bench is built out of players no body else wanted (at least for the money they wanted elsewhere). The hard reality that one, two or even three players alone do not make an NBA championship team has come home to roost. Remember Riley walked into the stacked Showtime Lakers who had already won a ring without him. He was nothing short of disaster in New York. And Stan Van Gundy did a masterful job of revitalizing a Miami Heat "Riles" had quit on only to be forced out by a green eyed Riley once he smelled championship. If you're looking for someone to own the less than glorious record the Heat were suppose to have you need look no further than good ol' greasy "Riles".