Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things Republicans Hate (A Partial List)

Facebook is basically a useless time-sucker, but--alas--I still take a peek semi-regularly. You see a lot of useless shit on the Intertubes...
I saw this today from a "friend" I've never met; it's "Things Republicans Hate":

No. 61: Gun Control
No. 60: Jeopardy!
No. 59: Men Who Do Not Play Sports
No. 58: Animal Rights
No. 57: Political Correctness
No. 56: Frasier
No. 55: That T-Shirt
No. 54: Tofu
No. 53: Baristas
No. 52: Matisyahu
No. 51: The WNBA
No. 50: Fashion
No. 49: Ferrets
No. 48: Silicon Valley
No. 47: Scrabble
No. 46: Africa
No. 45: The Truth
No. 44: Bob Dylan
No. 43: Sasha and Malia Obama
No. 42: Tossed Salad
No. 41: Peace
No. 40: NPR
No. 39: Grey Poupon
No. 38: Al Gore
No. 37: Cyclists
No. 36: Change
No. 35: Recycling
No. 34: Hanukkah
No. 33: Soul Patches
No. 32: The Kindle
No. 31: The Metric System
No. 30: The Red Dot of Terror
No. 29: Archaeology
No. 28: Barney Frank
No. 27: Canada
No. 26: Advanced Degrees
No. 25: Abstract Art
No. 24: Philanthropy
No. 23: Elton John
No. 22: Critically Acclaimed Films
No. 21: Rachel Maddow
No. 20: Imported Beers
No. 19: Actual Black People
No. 18: Urban Outfitters
No. 17: Geography
No. 16: Unsuccessful Offshore Drilling
No. 15: Chopsticks
No. 14: Women with Small Breasts
No. 13: Arbor Day
No. 12: Pokemon
No. 11: Vegans
No. 10: Soccer
No. 9: Michael Moore
No. 8: Losing
No. 7: Outer Space
No. 6: Foreigners (Not Foreigner)
No. 5: British Humor
No. 4: Broadway
No. 3: Volvos
No. 2: Harry Potter
No. 1: Evolution

My own list is much shorter:

No. 2: Facebook
No. 1: Republicans

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Anonymous said...

Just one point of correction, Republicans do not hate all tossed salad as long as it consists only of limp iceberg lettuce, a cherry tomato, grated american cheese, and ranch dressing. Anything else is considered "gay" and of course they are then bound by their deeply religious christian intolerance for gays to hate it.