Friday, March 26, 2010

Thoughts On A Bar Napkin.

1. When I'm walking barefoot on the Strand, my gait is the same cadence as "The Magnificent Seven" by the Clash, yet I don't feel like a punk rock John Travolta.
2. The borscht at the Russian place on the International Boardwalk is also great breakfast food.
3. I've never wished I were rich.
4. I tried to boycott Whole Foods over John Mackey's lack of support for health care reform, but I'm too f****** lazy to make my own salad.
5. Alex Chilton died, and all his music was on my crashed iMac. Unlike Alex, it has been resurrected.
6. I love crayons.
7. Someday soon, I hope to reengage my maid.
8. Aloe vera and Guinness are must-haves.
9. Daylight saving time reminds me of skinny-dipping.
10. Lists? Lame.

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