Monday, January 18, 2010

Schilling Shills For Brown.

There's no doubt that Martha Coakley has run a catatonic campaign for Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts Senate seat. Coakley has been tone deaf along the trail, including her ignorance of local deity and honorary Masshole Curt Schilling. As uninspiring as Coakley has been, there is also no doubt that her opponent--Republican Scott Brown--would be a boneheaded, backbench blast from our recent inglorious past. With the stench of Bush/Cheney still lingering, this Teabag Touchhole would look to freshly fertilize the right-wing's failed field of dreams, and his election would seriously threaten the passage of health care reform and every other piece of legislation that pisses off Teabag Nation and its handmaidens in the GOP.
Schilling, of course, loves him.
Coakley may have croaked as an electrifying campaigner, but she represents the 60th vote in the Senate.
Think of the alternative...
C'mon, Bay State; don't look back.
Tuesday's the big day in the Commonwealth. We'll soon see if Massachusetts Dems can do
something right--like getting out the vote.

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