Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"It Has Nothing To Do With Oil--Literally Nothing."

     This post's title is a November 14, 2002 quote from former Bush Administration Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, referring to the current, pre-emptive Iraq War.
     (The one that still has "literally nothing" to do with oil, but was all about oil, anyway.)

     On December 20, 1983, Rumsfeld was a Special Envoy for the Reagan Administration, and he visited Baghdad, where he met with Saddam Hussein.
     They talked about the weather, rape rooms, water-boarding, and their mutual bloodlust, but somehow never got around to talking about that black goo puddling around their ankles.
     That meeting in '83 also had nothing to do with oil--literally nothing--according to the revisionist historians paid to have poor memories.  
     Rumsfeld wasn't on hand on December 30, 2006 to see his old friend dangling at the end of a rope.

     Oil prices on Hanging Day '06 finished trading at $61.05 per barrel.
     Today, a barrel of oil closed at $136.58.

     JackRabbit Café can't confirm that Saddam's severed head is mounted on the wall in a trophy room somewhere in Crawford, TX. 
     We can only imagine that there are no actual trophies in that lonely room.      

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