Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Before They Were "Stars"?

     You might remember last week's post about the mutants on FOX News's Fox & Friends.
     The stellar "newsman" on that dumbed-down disaster altered photos of two New York Times reporters who dared to write a less-than-flattering piece about the less-than-zero "news" operation known as "FOX News".
     Steven Reddicliffe and Jacques Steinberg are the Times scribes that FOX News's Steve "I'll Be Yo Monkey!" Doocy and Brian "Ultimate Unctuousness" Kilmeade trashed, replete with Photoshopped images meant to childishly ridicule two writers who can actually string words (and sentences!) together.
     FOX News, of course, has no writers on staff capable of anything other than typing someone else's talking points into the Teleprompter from which their failed actors then attempt to read. 
     Turn about is far play, as they say, and I found the images above on Vanity Fair's website. They could possibly result in a rabid Roger Ailes-issued cease and desist order against that magazine.
     Maybe it's just me, but these images seem to be improvements over the real thing.
     As an added benefit, you can't hear them talk.


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