Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's Up, Doc?

From the Boston Globe:

     Senator Edward M. Kennedy's office has begun convening a series of meetings involving a wide array of healthcare specialists to begin laying the groundwork for a new attempt to provide universal healthcare, according to participants.

     The discussions signal that Kennedy, who instructed aides to begin holding the meetings while he is in Massachusetts undergoing treatment for brain cancer, intends to work vigorously to build bipartisan support for a major healthcare initiative when he returns to Washington in the fall.

     Those involved in the discussions said Kennedy believes it is extremely important to move as quickly as possible on overhauling the healthcare system after the next president takes office in January in order to capitalize on the momentum behind a new administration.

     Kennedy was an early endorser of Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee who is also a member of the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, which Kennedy chairs.

     My COBRA plan runs out before the end of the year. I've tried to get individual health insurance coverage previously, but have been denied due to my "pre-existing condition". That makes me just one of millions.

     I'm hoping that Senators Kennedy and Clinton will combine forces to craft legislation that finally covers us all. Maybe a President Obama could also find a role for Elizabeth Edwards in this fight.

     Don't dilly, don't dally; just get the damn thing done.    



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Anonymous said...

Let’s hope Ted Kennedy can convince Obama to adopt the Hillary healthcare platform which makes participation mandatory for all and not just for dependant children as Obama’s "tug at the heart strings" conservative compromise does. Providing healthcare for the population who needs it least won't fix the real crisis but it will look good on the surface.

Making healthcare universal is change I can believe in. And he would need to make that commitment before the election.