Tuesday, April 1, 2008

100% Pro-Trucker.

I was with friends---all in the freight biz---all day Tuesday.

Every single one of us sided with truck drivers, who typically are adverse to taking "sides". Most just want to drive.

I've seen 'em on their way out, and caught 'em when they pull back in.

For close to 25 years, I've met very few truck drivers that I didn't wind up punching fists with, wishing them "Happy Trails". Most everything I know about the nuts and bolts of this country comes from the drivers that run its roads. 

I didn't learn much geography in school, but I know where to get chicken-fried steak in Missoula. 

The people I know that run those roads see this great place for what it is: big, brawling, beautiful, and mean. 

They are the twine that binds the country together. 

In my business, we don't exist without truck drivers.

But then, neither do you.


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Maineview said...

Truckers know everything. They taught me how to speak French, you ought to hear me swear. Truckers love to talk on the phone. Truckers love to complain. Truckers have the best stories I've ever heard. I always thought I would have made a good truck driver, except for the fact that I can't back a trailer. I've always wanted one of those big trucker wallets with the chain but I am not worthy. I hope the truckers see it through this latest rough patch.