Saturday, March 1, 2008

He ain't no Gentleman Jim.

From Thursday's Austin Statesman...

Most famous entertainers play it safe when the visit Mexico City - they’ll leave their hotels to hit up a fancy Mexican fusion restaurant or do some shopping at trendy designer boutiques, but rarely do they get a sense of the real megalopolis. Not so rock icon Bob Dylan, who, while he was in town this week for two shows, did some sightseeing on Mexico City’s notoriously crowded subway system and worked out in a gym in a gritty nook of the historic downtown.

Dylan was spotted on Tuesday wandering through the Bellas ArtesMetro stop, checking out some of the Lucha Libre photography on display on the station’s walls. Apparently, he created just a minor stir, with just a few people recognizing him and taking pictures with their cell phones.

Then Dylan did a little boxing at the Nuevo Jordan gym, impressing trainer Rodolfo “Guerco” Rodriguez, who had no idea the man in the ring was perhaps the most famous singer on the planet. “I said…these old guys are going to give each other heart attacks!” Rodriguez told the El Universal newspaper. “They told me that the oldest guy was Bob Dylan, this guy you’re telling me about…He boxed with all his friends and he did well; you can tell he’s practiced for awhile because he landed some good shots and brought his own professional (equipment). He knows what pugilism is and he enjoys it.”


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