Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maybe, maybe not.

     I'm concerned that the value of this week's box--twice the normal dollar amount--may cause me to have to arrange a formal Customs entry, meaning I'd miss the Bob Dylan show with my nephew Charles Sunday night in Guadalajara. I'd be delayed for 24 hours in L.A.
  It'll be negative vibrations at about 7:15 PM Pacific time Saturday night if I don't make it through. If I do, all will be harmonious and peaceful, and I'll be on my way to a shot of Herradura at the Marina Bar near the Mexicana gate at LAX. Maybe two.
  ¡Deséeme la suerte!    

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jules said...

I've lot track, been out of touch just over the past couple of days. You move quickly! So it is Bob tonight? How friggin' cool is that. And with Charles, too. I'm in the wrong field........