Monday, March 24, 2008

Another Bill Kristol column, another apology for last week's mistake.

William Kristol, error-prone hack, apologizes (again) this week:

In last week’s column, I cited a report that Senator Obama had attended services at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago on July 22, 2007. The Obama campaign has provided information showing that Senator Obama did not attend Trinity that day. I regret the error.

It's becoming a regular thing with this idiot: write something for immediate impact, then apologize for the "mistake" a week later. 

This dolt had to apologize for an error in his first column in the New York Times just a few, short weeks ago. Then, of course, there's his senseless babbling on FOX News and his endless Iraq War cheerleading in the Weekly Standard.

C'mon: isn't this a familiar ruse by now? Your government has been perfecting it for years.

I know newspapers have cut back, but given Kristol's track record, shouldn't the Times be fact-checking his crap?


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Anonymous said...

Well at least he was half right on this little gem...

"There's a certain amount of pop psychology in America that the Shia can't get along with the Sunni and the Shia in Iraq just want to establish some kind of Islamic fundamentalist regime. There's almost no evidence of that at all."

I mean there was no evidience until we toppled Sadam and they started butchering each other. Of course they wouldn't be doing that if they could get along. To his credit he needs hard evidence. He's like that.

Plus you have to admit it was pretty amazing that time when he got pregnant. I mean how many men do you know who can give birth?

What do mean he couldn't get pregnant? Well I know for a fact he was taking up the who ha in the late 1970's. Huh? That was a different Bill Cyrstal. And that was just a character he played on TV sitcom entitled Soap.

Well then how did he get pregnant smart guy? What? That was the same Bill Crystal, an actor? In a movie called Rabbit Test?

Well then maybe it's the other Bill Crystal who is making such a fool out of himself and not Bill Kristol at all!?!

Any way I know for a fact Bill Kristol is playing for the Yankees this year. Whaddaya have ta say about that smart guy???!!!!