Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hot Seat

     I'm with you so far.
     Look, Cash: I agree that sticking with Hughes and Kennedy plus Wang and the crusty old guys was a better long-term plan than blowing the equivalent of Eliot Spitzer's weekend Glo-Nut Fund for Johann Santana. I said then: wait for mid-season and see if C.C. Sabathia could be pried loose if necessary. Then get him, pitch him, and sign him until his teeth fall out.
     But I'm a little concerned now that Pettitte's steroids have worn off and his back is stiff again. And Mike Mussina is almost as old as Yogi, yet he's still a key arm on the '08 staff.
     But I'm with you so far. Hughes and Kennedy will be the real deal, and Joba is a stud, from the 'pen or from the get-go.
     I'm with you so far, Cash. If it works, you are the Executive of the Year, hands down, and you'll also be the only man that stood up to a Steinbrenner without ending his career in the East River.
     I'm with you so far.
     Can you swim? 

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