Sunday, March 30, 2008

60 Minute Man

     I just watched a 12-minute-long segment on 60 Minutes. Morley Safer featured some numbers guy, only because the guy one barstool over from me was slurring.  
     This numeric-obsessive that Billy Beane (the cheapskate that still runs the Oakland A's) once hired to make sure the A's didn't spend money on real baseball players yammered on about his "metrics" and it was actually aired.
     This guy works for the Boston Red Sox now. That makes sense. A no-account hack always sinks to his natural level. Sewer rats--like the Fenway Faithful--slink--and stink--together. 
     When this particular 60 Minutes is in re-run, I'll e-mail TV Guide and request a name change to something more useful for viewers. 
     Something like 48 Minutes. 



Anonymous said...

"Sewer rats--like the Fenway Faithful--slink--and stink--together."

Nice to see you're able to keep things in a healthy perspective.


JohnnyRussia said...

Opening Day Fun!