Monday, March 31, 2008

Plattsburgh, NY is the New Hollywood? (I'll need to visit so I can look for starlets.)

From today's Page Six:

Melissa Leo says "frozen" was the operative word while making "Frozen River," the low-budget thriller about immigrant smuggling that was shot in upstate Plattsburgh. "It was unbelievable, 20 degrees below zero some nights. And there were crew members wearing sneakers in the snow," Leo told Page Six. "I had to teach them that keeping the feet warm is key. I'm a Manhattan girl, but I spent many years in Vermont, so I was prepared." The movie opens in August.

I seem to remember a Chinese man freezing to death in the woods along the border many years ago. I think a bank robbery might have been part of the story, and I remember reports that he burned money in an attempt to stay warm.   

The movie's official website is

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