Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jack Frost is the Maine Man.

A winter-weary Darryl LaPierre from the frozen, buried tundra of Houlton, Maine:

"From one who doesn't mind the cold and otherwise enjoys a decent snowpack, enough already, Uncle."

He passed along this ugly nugget from the Bangor, Maine paper. This is crazy:

It’s official. The 2007-08 snow season in northern Maine is one for the record books. Just in time for the start of spring.

The old record of 181.1 inches of snow recorded in Caribou, set in 1955, was shattered by noontime Friday when the National Weather Service in Caribou recorded 182.5 inches of snow since the start of the season.

This picture from that paper reminds me (yet again) why I live in Cali.


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