Monday, March 24, 2008

35th anniversary of a really bad rule.

     2008 is the 35th anniversary of the designated hitter rule in baseball's American League. Ron Bloomberg of the New York Yankees was the first player to step to the plate under this stupid rule.
     A full-time D.H. is still a part-time player to me.
     We've been 35 years in the wilderness. Dump it. It was bad for the game then, and nothing has changed.
     It was meant to add "excitement", defined by some as added offense, and by others as messing with perfection. Baseball also wanted a way to help old, fat, past-their-prime players stick around for "the fans", defined by realists as "the fans wallets".    
     Aging stars should say, "Good-bye", and become color commentators or rich men with gambling problems. A high-scoring, homer-laden game is not baseball at its finest. A 1-0 pitcher's duel is.


Anonymous said...

What the @#!?...

Primarily used as a DH Rafael Palmiero, Rangers, won the 1999 AL Gold Glove for first base, despite playing only 28 games at that position.


JohnnyRussia said...

"I have never used steroids. Period". Huh. And where is he now?