Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hello Goodbye

I started this blog as a kind of travelogue, I guess. I was a hand-carry courier in early 2008 because I just wanted to fly and see new places. I don't really remember, but I have an archive!

Welcome to JackRabbit Cafe, my new blog and early warning device. Let's just say that it's in "beta" mode now, and will (hopefully) be tweaked and prodded until I like it enough to stop tweaking and prodding. I'm leaving sometime Sunday for Taipei, then Guadalajara, and decided that a blog may be the best way to record whatever journeys I may be taking. This first trip will total 16,500 air miles; that's more miles than I put on my '93 Mazda. This time, I'll be bringing the same, lousy Sony Vaio laptop that I used in Russia. If I decide to continue as a courier, I'll end up getting a Macbook; better for travel, great for writing and managing an online lifestyle.
So, this is my introductory post. Check back often for pungent pearls of wisdom and other random thoughts...

I ended up in Taipei and Guadalajara every week for six or so in a row, and while I dug both those cities, they, too, became more of the same.

Anyway, the blog has been tons of fun for a long time, through all my thicks and all my thins; elections, politics, sports, the health care debate--most everything except what I had for breakfast or when I clipped my fingernails--you know, the Facebook stuff.

But I think it's time to move along. I'm horrified at the concept of continually stating the obvious and simply reposting things I find repulsive, because Fox News is omnipresent, and they can speak for themselves.

And I'll never tell you about my fingernails, anyway.

Thank you for visiting here; I became enough of a Big Brother to recognize you, at least geographically. The Internet's a big place, and it's really cool that you came here.

This is your country.

I wish you peace.