Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wisconsin: Power To The People

Here's an update on the protests in Wisconsin, stemming from Gov. Scott Walker's cowardly attack on workers' rights:
ThinkProgress has been following both Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-WI) recent “budget repair bill,” which would effectively eliminate state workers’ right to collectively bargain, and his coinciding threat to deploy the National Guard to stop a walkout. Yesterday, the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers criticized Walker, saying that collective bargaining is “fundamental” to the middle class. Approximately 13,000 peaceful protesters flooded the state Capitol yesterday, including nearly 800 Madison East High School students who left school to protest Walker’s bill. Democratic lawmakers listened to testimonies from citizens for more than 20 hours, stretching into the early morning. Many people who hadn’t yet gotten to speak pulled out sleeping bags.
More from Madison's The Daily Page here.

Walker is yet another tool in today's right-wing GOP corpocracy, which seeks to continue the upward redistribution of wealth while branding the middle class--especially unions and public employees--as the cause of all economic and societal ills.

Give 'em hell, Wisconsinites: go Packers on their asses!


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