Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coming Soon: 'Life' By Keith Richards

Excerpt news:

Rolling Stone will publish an exclusive excerpt from Keith Richard’s long awaited memoir Life on October 15, eleven days before the eagerly anticipated book hits stores on October 26. The 10,000 word excerpt will cover the early days of the Rolling Stones, Keith’s trip to Tangiers in 1967 where he stole Anita Pallenberg from bandmate Brian Jones and tales of excess from the Stones’ infamous 1972 U.S. tour. "You can’t imagine that this book could be any better than it is," says Rolling Stone Managing Editor Will Dana. "Keith holds nothing back. It’s funny, gossipy, profane and moving and by the time you finish it you feel like you’re friends with Keith Richards. Outside of Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, it’s probably the best rock memoir ever written." Richards, who will appear on the cover of the magazine, also spoke with Rolling Stone’s David Fricke about the book and the Stones’ upcoming plans, strongly hinting that the band will be active in 2011.

To this day, I remain eternally pissed-off at a Norwegian named Andre, whose fight with his wife led to our subsequent late arrival at a Keith Richards in-store appearance at the old Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard. Our group was queued up next and then a lovely lady--I think she was Richards' manager Jane Rose--walked outside and told us it was "time for Keith to go."
Several minutes later, there was the Human Riff himself, waving at us from the open window of a van, sunglasses on in the L.A. night, smiling and smoking with satisfaction plastered all over his face.
Those of us in the queue? Shadoobie....shattered, shattered...


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to read about the 1972 tour. I was in Montreal with Roger Buskey and Kevin Breyette where Stevie Wonder was the opener and Bobby Keys had yet to be bounced from the tour. After whipping the house into a frenzy with searng versions of Rip this Joint and Jumpin' Jack Flash they closed the show with Street Fighting Man as every light in the house was blasted on to a white hot strobe intensity. Once we exited the Forum we found the smoldering remnants of a riot created by the 3,000 plus street fighing fans who had been sold forged tickets... that my friends is ROCK AND ROLL... and I like it, love it, yes I do.

The Best Looking Man in Show Business Today

JohnnyRussia said...

The time is right for a palace revolution...