Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Age.

I haven't posted much of anything lately because I'm busy selling SaaS (Inside Baseball, I know, but geeks unite! You know all about it and 99.9 % of you are probably slinging code for an application right now.)
Anyway, I'm not a geek, but I work with 'em--I stare at a screen all day; I conduct webinars hour after hour and when I come home my eyes fall out. So all that time I used to spend blogging is now spent chasing my eyeballs around my living room floor. 
I haven't caught up with 'em yet.
Anyway, when I began this thing, a blog was a "web log." 
(Write something personal, OK? We want a bloodletting. What is a"web log," anyway? I have notebooks full of bloodletting; the last place that shit will ever show up is the Internet.)
Still: I know it ain't much, either, but this atheist, epileptic leftist who's unwilling to blog under a real name or link to Foursquare is pretty happy that you chose to spend a little bit of time visiting JackRabbitCafé. I have some juicy stories to share, but my typing is so poor you'll probably never see 'em here. 
Very un-blogger-like, I know...
(OK, just a l'il bloodletting:)
My back is killing me, and I'm wondering if walking barefoot for miles at a time is causing it.  I can't sleep and I have to pee at 3AM. My knees have ached since Duran Duran, but they are much worse now. I didn't shop for a bong yesterday; I went to Target and bought two pillows instead. I like Lady Gaga, but if I say that to her real fans, they smile and call me, "Sir."
"Sir." Me? 
Welcome to the New Age.
I was so much older then; I'm younger than that now...
Oh, Bob--if only that were true...

Enjoy yourself--it's later than you think..

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