Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Restoring Honor": There's A Sucker Born Every Minute.

Fox fool Glenn Beck is holding his CrazyFest 2010 in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC today, 47 years to the day after Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. New York Times columnists Charles M. Blow and Bob Herbert agree that the race-baiting Beck is besmirching King's legacy. Here's Blow:

Glenn Beck is the anti-King.
(I find it curious that many of the same people who object so strenuously to the Islamic cultural center proposed for Lower Manhattan, many on the grounds that it is inappropriate and disrespectful, are virtually silent on the impropriety and disrespect inherent in Beck’s giving a speech on the anniversary of King’s address.)
But Beck seems bent on appropriating the civil rights movement. In April, he read his audience the civil rights movement’s commitment card and then said, “Looks to me like the next phase of the 9/12 Project.” (9/12 is a “nonpolitical movement” started by Beck last year to “protect the greatest nation ever created.”) And Beck has said of this rally, “This is a moment, quite honestly, that I think we reclaim the civil rights movement.” Reclaim? From whom?

Herbert agrees:

America is better than Glenn Beck. For all of his celebrity, Mr. Beck is an ignorant, divisive, pathetic figure. On the anniversary of the great 1963 March on Washington he will stand in the shadows of giants — Abraham Lincoln and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Who do you think is more representative of this nation?

Consider a brief sampling of their rhetoric.
Lincoln: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
King: “Never succumb to the temptation of becoming bitter.”
Beck: “I think the president is a racist.”

Stephen Colbert summed up Beck thusly: ‎"Who's gonna follow a guy who describes himself as a 'rodeo clown,' I guess, because Glenn Beck and a rodeo clown are so used to working with bullshit?" 

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