Friday, July 30, 2010

Life's A Beach In The South Bay.

Hermosa Beach:
Manhattan Beach:

Glad to see that two of my South Bay beaches are good, clean fun--literally.
(But que pasa, Redondo & Torrance beaches?)

From HuffPo:

The cleanest beaches are picked from a list of the 200 most popular U.S. beaches, and NRDC awarded one star each for:
1) Meeting water quality standards in 2009.
2) Meeting water quality standards in 2008.
3) Testing frequency (more than once a week).
4) Promptly issuing a closing or advisory warning when a water sample exceeded state standards.
5) Promptly posting closing or advisory signs (online and at the beach) when necessary.

Now if we could actually have some real South Bay summer weather...

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