Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hockey Mom Builds Fence To Keep The Meanies Out.

In case you missed it, aggrieved half-assed, er, half-term former Alaska Governor and erstwhile media whore Sarah Palin had her redneck husband Todd build a Mexican border-style fence between Casa Palin and the house next door because journalist Joe McGinniss moved in while he works on a book about her. McGinniss, of course, is an actual journalist, while Simple Sarah merely works for a fake news organization.
Palin--who infamously studied journalism at one of the five colleges she hop-scotched between without bothering to comprehend a smidgen of its tenets--seems to advocate the suggestion that McGinniss is some sort of Peeping Tom, as evidenced by glassy-eyed Palin groupie--and fellow Fox News fuckwad--Greta Van Susteren. According to Salon, Van Susteren claims the Palins built the fence "to protect against the 'Wasilla Stalker.'"
There's that fair and balanced, objective journalism Fox is so noted for!
And here are some of the comments from Van Susteren's loyal band of knuckle-dragging voidoids, proof positive that if you build a fence in Alaska, these cretins will come:

Good Job Todd Palin. It's a shame that you have to do this to keep an unethical media idiot from spying on your daughter's bedroom and on your backyard where your kids and grandkid play. Shame on him!

Who is the person that rented to this peeping tom anyway? Sarah should buy the property herself and tear it down! This guy is a real creep and would hate him to be peeping at my family.

Maybe Ms. Palin should move here to the lower "48" while the SICKO is in Wasilla. Is he perhaps, a pedophile? KEEP THE CHILDREN AWAY!!!!!!!! Order of protection-500 ft. minimum!!

Mary Pearce
Background check Post body guards Bomb sniffing dogs IEDs on the property line Electric fence Scramble communication airway......etc.....

This is just creepy and sick. Notice - he'll only be there for the summer months - doesn't have the guts (not my original wording) to stay the winter.

After that idiot moves out, I hope she takes the 16 foot fence and donates it to Arizona to help a little with the border problem ! Just a dream I have ignorant neighbors as well! I put up security camera's and it's pointed directly at their houses! They called the police on me It's legal and I just bring the cd down to the police station and There's the proof on video with sound! It helped a little, but Sarah should to do the same-"HOW DOES IT FEEL?" sort of thing! Security camera's tape 24/7!

Forget the fence. The Palins' need to confront the issue head on. What ever happened to punching a bully's lights out as the first reaction? The big dog always wins. Be that big dog, Sarah.

It's not good for their track, Iam a woman and even I know that! Why aren't they on a trailer? I am a widow and even I know better!

In a related development, Todd and his buddies were rumored to be logging in Alaska's two national forests to get enough wood to build a fence between Wasilla and the Russian Far East.

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