Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daily Dope: Kelsey Grammer Is A Load In Real Life, Too.

I came across The Right Network roll-out the other day, but was too busy cleaning up the beer that squirted out of my nose to post anything about it.

An actual Teabag TV network. TimeWarner better not try to raise my cable bill for this shit.

(Thanks to TBLMISBT for the reminder...)


Actor Kelsey Grammer has become the “face” of a new ultra-conservative cable television network the promises to only focus on “pro-America,” “pro-business, pro-military sensibilities.” In other words, jingoism du jour.
The goal of the network will be to influence “the national conversation.” If it sounds somewhat Orwellian, it is.
The polarizing network is apparently taking its cue from right-wing radio shows. It will have only one point of view, the “right view;” everything else will be “wrong,” according to its promotional material.
“There’s wrong, and there’s right, right network, all that’s right with the world,” Grammer explains on the network’s Web site.

Will Fox News sue for copyright infringement?:

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