Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Steps In It Again.

Flipping around between NBA games tonight, and I land on Fox News for ninety seconds I'll never get back.
Bill O'Reilly and former comedian Dennis Miller are yammering on about President Obama's failure to name a single favorite White Sox player, even though he is the Pale Hose First Fan.
(First health care reform, now this!)
Anyway, O'Reilly and Miller mockingly prattle on; Miller in his smarmy, self-satisfied, Trivial Pursuit-like style, and O'Reilly simply as the asshole he always is.
O'Reilly--chuckling still--then attempts to one-up Obama by naming a couple of White Sox players he really likes, one from the Paleolithic Age (Minnie Minoso, which O'Reilly mispronounces as "Min-o-sah") and the other--Jimmy Piersall-- who was a Sox, all right---albeit a Red one.
If Miller even knew the difference, he was too busy laughing at his own non-sequiturs to notice.
I immediately flipped it back to the ESPN commercial break.

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