Thursday, March 25, 2010

Discovery: Reality TV Just Got Even Dumber.

From Variety:

Sarah Palin is indeed headed to Discovery Communications -- specifically, TLC -- the cable conglom finally confirmed Thursday morning.
Discovery said that it has acquired global rights to the eight-hour "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which is exec produced by Mark Burnett. Doc will premiere on TLC at an undisclosed later date.
“Our family enjoys Discovery’s networks,” said former Alaska Gov. Palin. “I look forward to working with Mark to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans.”
Documentary series appears to be an unusual fit for TLC, which has moved away from documentary-style programming and now focuses on lifestyle series.
But Discovery itself makes sense -- as the company is behind programming such as the Alaska-set "Deadliest Catch."

JackRabbit Café was unable to confirm if Palin will be appear on camera shooting wolves from a helicopter while Todd drills for oil in the backyard.

(Alaska image:
Alaskan Dude on flickr / doctored by Kim Mance)

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