Friday, March 12, 2010

That Was Then, This Is Now.

I was at Dodger Stadium in 1988 when Kirk Gibson hit that World Series home run. Even the hardcore Yankee fan in me went batshit. Chavez Ravine was seriously rockin'.
Fast-forward twenty years. It's 2008, and it's mid-season when I stroll into the Poop Deck. I was following the Dodgers by this point, although conflicted, like a teenager who couldn't decide which girl to ask to the prom. A guy on his Blackberry screams at me, "We got Manny! We got Manny!" I half-expected Tommy Lasorda to come waddling out of the men's room and kiss me on the cheek.
There is no doubt that Manny Ramirez's arrival fired up the Dodger base and transfixed a somewhat somnambulant yet fiercely loyal bunch of Dodger fans like nothing since that magical run in '88. But--Manny became
Manny, just as he was billed to become--and a subsequent 50-game suspension in '09 and his ineffectual return meant that Hollywood would need another story line in 2010.
Kemp and Ethier it is, which works just fine for me, and I don't even like buddy flicks.
Play ball...

(Read about the rebranding here.)

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