Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Joseph Goebbels Would Have Loved Today's Republican Party.

Republicans have been lying about health care reform for almost fifty years. They've always had lots of help.
Today's desperate crop of corpocrats are continuing their party's shameless ways, and their latest charade is an outright lie about a budget procedure they are blatantly mislabeling.
As such, it's not really a new era, but it is another day in 2010's Tea Bag Nation. And it's another lie from Matt Drudge.
Simply put--atomic weapon imagery and bold, red headlines aside--reconciliation is not the "nuclear option," no matter how many times Republicans and their lapdogs like Drudge repeat the lie that it is. And that's a fact.
Rachel Maddow points out the GOP's lying bullshit here:

There's more about budget reconciliation and the "nuclear option" here. And if Democrats really had balls--if they wanted to enact real reform--they'd use reconciliation to pass a single-payer health care system for all.

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