Friday, February 5, 2010

A Major (Garrett) F#ck-Up.

Ooops! That'll make ya lose your balance...

It's a nightmare that anyone with a Twitter account is vaguely afraid of, but no one before the year 2005 would have ever dreamed of having to worry about: Major Garrett, Fox News' White House correspondent, accidentally tweeted the wrong link to his 13,059 followers. He intended to send out a shortened link to a transcript of (the) State of the Union address. Instead, the link that went out was one to a Las Vegas call-girl website. Gawker managed to nab the series of tweets before he took them down:
"To overcome the numbing weight of our politics" and other Obama SOTU excerpts Wed 27 Jan 18:22

(Editor's note: that shortened Twitter link leads to this:

Horrified, he deleted and explained:
I apologize. turned my original link to SOTU excerpts to a soft-porn link. NOT my intention. Wed 27 Jan 19:21
The link just posted works. Any frequent visitor here knows that is not my style. Sorry. Shld have caught it sooner. Wed 27 Jan 19:23
Enraged, he admonished and ordered:
For those suckling snide syrup. I publicly acknowledged an innocent mistake and corrected it. If that's not good enuf, take a hike. Wed 27 Jan 20:18

(Hey, Major, did you get that hooker hook-up from Dick Morris?)

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