Friday, January 29, 2010

On The Road Again.

(H/T to TBLMISBT for the Willie post pic.)

I posted about Willie a couple of weeks ago. Bored Immigration and Border Patrol agents hassled his crew outside of El Paso. Yet another good reason to get the hell out of west Texas...
Now it's North Carolina's turn to sic Johnny Law on a bunch of musicians partying on their bus.
From the AP, via the (Torrance, CA) Daily Breeze:

Singer and guitarist Willie Nelson canceled a North Carolina concert because of a bum hand about an hour after several band and crew members were busted for possessing moonshine and pot.

Alcohol Law Enforcement spokesman Ernie Seneca said Friday that six members of Nelson's band and crew have been charged with misdemeanor possession offenses. They were cited before the Texas singer was to take the stage Thursday night at the Duplin County Events Center.

Nelson's daughter said on the musician's Web site that the show was called off because his hand hurt too badly to play. The right-handed guitar-picker had carpel tunnel surgery on his left hand in 2004.

Whisky river, don't run dry...

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