Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Would Bill O'Reiily Know About Goodness' Sake? (UPDATE: Xmas At Bill's.)

If it's Christmas, it must be time for Fox News and Papa Pud Bill O'Reilly to imagine a war against it.
Here, the Long Island Lunatic posits that those of us who don't believe in gods must somehow be jealous of those who happen to believe in such fairy tales. He's joined by a pair of equally dippy disciples in a yearly tradition entirely designed in his own feeble mind:

No, Bill--we're not "jealous" of Xmas. We're also not jealous of people who read their horoscopes, or people who don't step on sidewalk cracks because they fear they'll break their mother's backs.

(UPDATE: And now a word from our culture warrior...)

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Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that if I do step on a crack that I won't break my mother's back? Sounds like heresy to me.