Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tom Waits In "The Hobbit?"

From Exclaim.ca:
With his lanky stature and ever-present black fedora, Tom Waits's appearance doesn't exactly scream "dwarf." Something about the legendary songwriter appears to have caught Peter Jackson's eye though, as Ain't It Cool News reports that Waits is under consideration for a role in Jackson's version of The Hobbit, which is due to start filming sometime next year.

Although details are still unclear, an (apparently trustworthy) anonymous source reveals that Waits is being considered for a major part in the film. This role is likely as a dwarf, who is part of the group that leads Bilbo out of his home and on an adventure to the Lonely Mountain. As so little specific information is available, however,
some have speculated that Waits may even be considered for the role of Bilbo himself, although it's difficult to imagine him beating out other, younger contenders such as James McAvoy, Martin Freeman, Daniel Radcliff and David Tennant.

The songwriter, who celebrate(d) his 60th birthday (Monday), has previously appeared in many films, with his most notable role coming in
Dracula, the 1992 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
I had less than zero interest in The Hobbit as a kid, but Waits would be an inspired cinematic choice and is surely a captivating presence. I'll pass along any updates of which I become aware and probably catch it on HBO a year after its release.

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