Saturday, December 12, 2009

Doesn't Facebook Know I Hate Long Goodbyes?

UPDATED below...
(They know everything else about me...)

I have a Facebook page, but I've largely lost interest in it. Reading the latest Tourette's-like comments on the social networking site is the online equivalent of being trapped in an elevator with Chatty Cathy. My interest in playing Mafia Wars is non-existent. I don't keyboard-flirt. And I surely dread the possibility of reconnecting with some long-lost high school dude who sold me bad Mexican weed in the 1970s.
I read something in the
Los Angeles Times this morning that piqued my interest. It's about a site called Seppukoo, which was built to allow a snarky way to exit Facebook while alerting your online "friends" that you have done so. Facebook's recent tweaking of their privacy settings actually results in less privacy, and it should be remembered that Facebook is not remotely a "community." Besides, I already have this blog, and if I want to shoot the shit with friends, I'll go old school and pick up the phone. Hell, e-mail is old school now, too.
So, I logged on to
Seppukoo in an attempt to exit Facebook in a blaze of sarcastic glory. But guess what? Facebook's fascist overlords have jammed the site, and it's currently inoperable.
Here's the message I received when I tried to post
that on Facebook:

I'll keep trying, though; something about that blaze of sarcastic glory appeals to the smart-ass in me...

(UPDATE): Responding to pissed-off users like, well, me, Facebook has changed their privacy settings again.
(Maybe I'll hang around. But don't invite me to play Mafia Wars anymore, OK?)

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Anonymous said...

I don't know why you would have joined facebook in the first place. Nobody's business but my own is what I think. What happens when you hit it big, the tabloids will use every shread of your face book information as fuel for the rumor mill. Just look at Tiger. That's hard enough on me, but the thought of Johnny Russia having to stay off the links, I don't know if I could go on.

JohnnyRussia said...

I was busted as a serial womanizer when Tiger was still a kitten...

Dan & Margaret said...

Why are all the Sepukoo members Italian?

JohnnyRussia said...

About the designers:

"Les Liens invisibles is an imaginary art-group from Italy. It is comprised of media artists Clemente Pestelli and Gionatan Quintini. Their artworks are based on the invisible links between the infosphere, neural synapsis, and real life."

You know, just like a bong hit.

Dan & Margaret said...

Of course.