Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Public Option Or Big Pharma: Which Will It Be, Mr. President?

If you've been paying attention, you are aware that the Republican Party ceased to exist on January 20th, a tad past noon, just as Barack Obama said, "So help me God."

The deceased--and diseased--GOP instantly became the home of the modern-day John Birch Society. They rebranded themselves as the Party of No, and chose charlatans such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck as their inspiration.

But there are still two major political parties in the United States. They're both within the Democratic Party, however:

From Newser.com:

Harry Reid declared "90% agreement" in the Senate on health care reform today after a meeting with President Obama. Reid and Nancy Pelosi expressed optimism that the president's address to Congress tomorrow will bolster support for reform, the Hill reports. The Senate Majority Leader is confident that the speech will at least defuse some of the “ridiculous falsehoods” that have so far dominated the debate.

The two congressional leaders did not seem in sync on the issue of a public option: Reid said he and the majority of the Senate wanted it but did not see it as necessary. Pelosi, however, said the creation of a government-run health plan was “essential” for passage in the House.

So we have the pro-public option Democrats, who represent the Good Guys in the health care reform debate. Then we have the we-don't give-a-shit-about-a-public-option Democrats. Two parties, divisible, with liberty and justice for some.

Meanwhile, as Newser points out:

White House press chief Robert Gibbs didn't shed any light on whether Obama would demand a public option, but he said the president would make sure people “understand what the public option is and what the public option isn't.”

The only thing I don't understand about the public option is what the hell Robert Gibbs is double-talking about.

It's really quite simple: will President Obama go to the mat for a public option? Or will he give in to Big Pharma, the health insurance industry's money-soaked lobby, and the town hall disrupting, teabagging, talk radio-fueled frantic fringe?

Mr. Gibbs, we know what the public option is, and we want it.

Change we can believe in. Remember?

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