Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jim Bunning Redux?

I know that politicians are often full of hot air, but this would be ridiculous.
From the AP, via ESPN:
Curt Schilling, the former major league pitcher who won the allegiance of Bostonians by leading the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series, said Wednesday that he has "some interest" in running for the seat held for nearly 50 years by Democratic Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.
Schilling, a registered independent and longtime Republican supporter, wrote on his blog that while his family and video game company, 38 Studios, are high priorities, "I do have some interest in the possibility."
"That being said, to get to there, from where I am today, many, many things would have to align themselves for that to truly happen," he added.
Yes, Curt, great statesmen-in-waiting often defer to their video game company responsibilities. (Or something like that...)
Do us all a huge favor: stay on the sidelines and fondle your bloody sock.

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