Friday, September 18, 2009

Frozen Out.

I like my MacBook, but I love my iMac. Now that I'm back using business applications because I'm selling SaaS, I'm also back to using a PC laptop all day, which reminds me why I bought my Macs in the first place.
But tonight I am at home, and I'm blogging with my MacBook, which I've typically used only if I was away from home. Why? Because my iMac is frozen and it won't start up. All I get is a gray screen with a spinning thing that never stops spinning.
I don't know what the hell the problem is, but it's a myth that Macs never freeze up or never crash. My sister's crashed a month or two ago. Apple had to repair it; the data was lost, but at least she had bought the warranty. I can't remember if I did, and my record keeping isn't really record keeping at all--it's piles of papers stuffed in drawers somewhere. I can't find a goddamn thing about any warranty--purchased or not.
So I'm pecking away, squinting at my l'il MacBook with a disabled, 20" iMac by my side.
I guess bigger really is better.

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