Monday, July 6, 2009

"Keep Your Feet On The Ground And Keep Reaching For The Stars."

That was Casey Kasem's trademark sign-off.


Casey Kasem counted down the week's hit songs on his radio show this weekend, then quietly dropped a bomb: He's through, effective immediately. Kasem, 77, introduced the countdown format, peppering his shows—"American Top 40," now hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was his signature achievement—with factoids, trivia, and famously sappy long-distance dedications. He may write a memoir, his wife, the actress Jeannie Kasem, tells ABC News.
"Charts are changing, stations are changing, the networks are changing, radio itself is changing, and I think, you know, the pendulum swings back and forth," says Jeannie Kasem. "You just have to be willing to jump ship and try something new."

As a former radio announcer, I'd like to give a shout-out to a man whose countdowns and song dedications were delivered in a voice as familiar as family. I dedicate this one to you, Casey:

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Same2U(AH) said...

Frak. Kasem is 77? I must be getting old.