Friday, March 6, 2009


Yet more from the noisy, lunatic right-wing vortex. 

Online nutbag rag has this from GOP Confederate musket-boy Dick Armey:

Former House Majority leader Dick Armey told Newsmax in an exclusive interview Friday that he joins talk radio host Rush Limbaugh in hoping that President Obama’s efforts to impose a "nanny state" agenda on America will fail.

Asked if he agreed with Limbaugh’s controversial sentiments, Armey replied, "Well sure. I mean, who wants to see America [imitate] so many other nations that have gone down this primrose path of thinking government can be the nanny state and provider of all things?"

In fact, Armey said, "a great many Americans" agree with Limbaugh. But he went on to say that Limbaugh should have been "more circumspect and more judicious" in his choice of words, to avoid being misconstrued.

The 18-year House veteran also took strong exception to the anti-Limbaugh media campaign orchestrated in recent weeks out of the West Wing of the White House by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. Pundits have generally viewed that as a calculated effort to hurt Republican prospects with swing voters. (Editors note: right-wing pundits, of course. Besides, Limbaugh initiated the "I hope Obama fails" mantra, and Democrats are only too happy to let the nationally unpopular big mouth personify the leaderless GOP.) 

“Let’s say you’re the average American citizen," Armey told Newsmax. "The guy’s president of the United States. You’d say, 'I bet the guy has some real serious work to do.' But his chief of staff is what, operating as a political hack? Ronald Reagan did not let the political hacks in the White House. His point was very simple: ‘We’ve got serious work to do. People in this country who are good people have trusted us, and I’m not sitting here listening to a bunch of politics, let’s talk about policies.'"

Again with the Ronald Reagan man-crush? Yes, Dick, Ronnie's White House did have serious work to do: they had to get busy dismantling useful government programs and regulations, make up stories about the poor, close down mental health facilities, ignore AIDS, and sabre-rattle 'round the world. Plus someone had to figure out how to illegally trade those arms for hostages, right? 

Armey currently serves as co-chairman of the Washington, D.C.-based FreedomWorks organization, leading a grassroots effort to mobilize some 500,000 activists on behalf of lower taxes, limited government, and greater liberty.

In other words, he remains committed to the same failed economic policies that laid the seeds in the GOP's scorched earth resulting in the poison perennials that are killing us today.   


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