Thursday, March 5, 2009

On The Road With The Hare-Brained Express.

     I am of Dutch extraction from my father's side, and my actual last name means "rabbit," hence the genesis of this blog's title. I've never had a bunny and that's just one reason to envy Hugh Hefner.
     JackRabbit Café's name attracted fellow bloggers Dan Gauss and Margaret Fairman, who are in the midst of their Hare-Brained Express Tour--2009. They operate Shot On Site Photography, tour the country in their RV and have a pretty cool rekindled-romance story to boot.  
     They've gone to the dogs, and seem to be having a damn good time all along the way.
     Pay 'em a visit; tell 'em JohnnyRussia sent ya.


Dan & Margaret said...

Thanks for the props. While we're actually settling down (and I just got approved to start collecting SS!), we're still going to hit the road a few times a year to shoot high profile events, and visit friends and family who aren't lucky enough to live in the desert. I thought we had you linked on the HBE09, but it turns out I'm just following. I'll fix that forthwith.

JohnnyRussia said...

Bonne chance, buena suerte, buona fortuna, succes, удача...

In any langauge, good luck!