Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There's No Cure For What He's Got.

I responded to a brain-dead, anonymous commentator on this blog last week who suggested that I "should have found another job" because I am self-employed and uninsured with a "pre-existing condition." It was by far the most uninformed comment ever made here, and my response was the angriest I've ever posted.

Jason Linkins of HuffPo has an item today featuring FOX News's flaming asshole Sean Hannity, this time from his equally stupid radio show:

Sean Hannity doesn't understand much about health care, and why should he? Disease has always existed, yet AMERICA has endured! Doesn't that mean that universal health care is just unnecessary? Hannity calls to mind a simpler time, where men were men, and women were respectful, and people with scarlet fever and tuberculosis had the decency to say, "No, no! Let me just quietly die in this alley! I don't want to be a part of some depressing set of statistics!"

Fox News Senior Political Analyst Bob Beckel, on the other hand, thinks that health care is "a right," and so he gamely argued for it on Sean Hannity's radio show, which our Media Monitor Cathy Talbot listened to, so you don't have to. During the discussion, she heard something ironic!

HANNITY: I'm on the Fox Plan and the AFTRA Plan. I have no clue what insurance I have. I don't have a special health care plan! I have the same plan that you do.

BECKEL: No you don't. I don't have a health insurance plan.

HANNITY: You work for FOX, you're on the FOX plan.

BECKEL: I don't qualify for the Fox plan, because I have a pre-existing condition.




Anonymous said...

I love when Hannity says “I'm on the Fox Plan and the AFTRA Plan.”

Sean doesn’t go into detail about AFTRA which is the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Of course Sean should know that AFTRA is a union and provides Mr. Gumbyhead’s healthcare plan.

Bernie "we're gonna need a bigger boat" King

JohnnyRussia said...

You bet! I had my FCC license but never did have an AFTRA membership when I was a small-town radio guy. Hannity should actually get a SAG card because he sure does act like a friggin' A-hole.