Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please Don't EVER Give Laura Ingraham A Gun!

     Comedian, radio host, and voice actor extraordinaire Harry Shearer has a great website called "My Damn Channel". It's one of the links on JackRabbit Café. 
     Awful, fake flag-waver Laura Ingraham is a nasty talk radio wench, as well as a frequent fill-in for FOX News freak Bill O'Reilly.
     "America's Newsroom" isn't a "newsroom", of course. It's really an underground bunker housing a lab where crazy people are cloned.
     FOX News gave Ingraham her own show recently.
     It lasted three weeks.
     It lasted three weeks too long.  
     But Harry Shearer did manage to get his hands on some wonderfully twisted moments from the late classic, and watching it reminds me that I wouldn't want to be in the same state as Laura Ingraham, let alone the same room.
     So when you have a little over nine minutes with nothing to do, watch the following feed from "My Damn Channel" and see what happens when the public-access quality of FOX News collides with a talentless, on-edge fiasco like Laura Ingraham:  

NOTE: "My Damn Channel" was performing maintenance on their site today, so the embedded video initially included below may not be available. If it isn't, please check back by clicking the "My Damn Channel" link provided here on JackRabbit Café. 


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