Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Kiss My Sweet Axis Of Evil!

JackRabbit Café probably can't persuade world-class journalist (and our not-so-secret crush) Lara Logan to leave CBS and work for free for this blog.

No amount of my positive thinking or war-time swooning will change her career arc.

JackRabbit Café, of course, has no career arc.

Plus, Lara's pregnant and in the midst of a divorce. The father is a married federal contractor she met in Iraq who is also getting divorced, so I'm sure everybody's probably quite busy. 

Alas; unfunded, unrequited fantasies won't get the story, so we turn our bloggy eyes to infamous beat reporter and tenacious seeker-of-truth "The Best-Looking Man In Show Business Today", fresh off the NBA beat, and hungry for a slam-dunk.

TBLMISBT filed the following missive from a more-or-less secure bunker, deep within the Tortured Soul of Twisted America:

From the AP, via CNN.com:

re: U.S. Exports Cigarettes, Bras, and Bull Semen to Iran:

U.S. exports to Iran grew more than tenfold during President Bush's years in office, even as he accused it of nuclear ambitions and sponsoring terrorists. America sent more cigarettes to Iran -- at least $158 million worth under Bush -- than any other product. 

Other surprising shipments during the Bush administration: brassieres, bull semen, fur clothing, sculptures, perfume, musical instruments and military apparel.

TBLMISBT comments:  

"Say what you will, but the Iranians have got to be some kinky-assed party MFers. 

Man, if they ever legalize booze and blunt, lookout Amsterdam!!!"

TBLMISBT remains embedded; tentacles extended, blunt unlit, bar tab unpaid...  


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