Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Celtic Pride.

It's time for JackRabbit Café to think about runs, hits, and errors, but not before Senior NBA editor and one-time North Country hoops legend "The Best-Looking Man In Show Business Today" files his last hardwood report before firing up the blender: 


Celtics Lakers Rematch?


Already talked about the Hollywood Swingers and the high likelihood that they’ll be back in the Finals, but how about that Green Team? What do they need to do to get back to the finals?


The core of the team is more rock solid than any other in basketball and now that the Truth, KG, and Ray Ray have a championship under their belts, they have stripped off the albatross of self-doubt. Not good news for the rest of the league.


The Celtics need to solidify the bench again. Get free agents James Posey and Eddie House locked up. Keep giving Leon Powe minutes. Let’s hope Tony Allen can bounce back from injury and find his game again. These things happen and the Celts are 9 deep.


With PJ Brown headed to retirement (after some huge plays in the finals), the big need is going to be on the frontline where the Celtics need to find two more players who can contribute supporting the center and power forward duties. If you are Glen Davis, it’s time to get serious about conditioning and desire or start packing.


Draft pick J.R. Giddens could surprise despite his problems at Kansas and in his junior year at New Mexico. He straightened out his head and became conference co-player of the year under Steve Alford. Tremendously gifted athletically and already a defensive beast he’s an acceptable project. The fact that he played all four years, is mature at 23 years of age, and that Alford (not an easy guy to please) loved his play and senior leadership bodes well for the 30th pick in the draft.


Bottom line: let’s not forget that the Celtics are the defending champs and are definitely a cut above what is becoming a tough pack in the East.


Look for a Celtics/Lakers final again next year.




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