Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Day In The Life Of An Angry, Faded "Comic".

I read everything, even third-rate crap like the N.Y. Post's Page Six, where I found this item about washed-up, unfunny asshole Dennis Miller:

 is just as glib these days as when he did commentary on "Monday Night Football." Stuck in a Montecito, Calif., Starbucks behind an elderly bald man who was taking forever to order and pay with a credit card, Miller asked the counter clerks if those just wanting to pay cash could be waited on. It worked, reports Santa Barbara News-Press gossip Richard Mineards. As he was leaving, Miller quipped to those still waiting, "That guy had a full head of hair when I came in here!"

Miller, an impatient, self-important prick with a hair transplant, makes a bald joke at the expense of an elderly man trying to pay for his coffee, and Page Six implies that the boorish episode displayed an actual wit at work.   

No wonder he gets along so well with Bill O'Reilly.

Miller works for FOX News, and this item was in the N.Y. Post. Both are owned by News Corporation reptile Rupert Murdoch. 

Ah, Corporate Media synchronicity!

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Anonymous said...

You know I had a full head of hair the first time I heard that joke.