Saturday, July 12, 2008

She Has A Nose For Weather (AKA: "Smells Like Rain")

From WBZ-TV:

     A 21-year-old Antrim (NH) woman is recovering after being struck by lightning Wednesday night.
     The bolt hit her feet and came out through her nose ring.
     Jessica Lafreniere was hit while she was walking through her family's garage.
     "She had walked into the garage to go outside to turn off the faucet. The light came in through the garage and hit her," Jessica's mother, Danielle Taylor told WBZ.
     "It was like a red flash that came from her feet and she was thrown into my arms. She was blue and purple, and stiff as a board."  
     "When you hear it, it's unbelieveable, but it's true." 
     Jessica and her mother had been out filling up water balloons when the storm came in, so they went inside. Danielle says Jessica decided to go back out to shut off the hose when the flash hit her.      "The flash came from her feet, her face lit up, and the next thing I knew Jessica was in my arms...I turned her over and she was stiff as a board," Danielle Taylor said. "(It was like) literally picking up a board and moving it that landed on top of you -- that's what she felt like."
     Jessica was back to work hours later for her overnight shift. Taylor said her daughter is feeling better, although the top of her lip and the tip of her nose are numb. 
     JackRabbit Café can't confirm that the Weather Channel is looking to hire Jessica so they can cancel their Doppler Radar service in a cost-cutting move.

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